Hello, this is me

Hi and welcome to my very first blog entry.

I intend this to be a light hearted, observational blog, sometimes but not always related to my role as a counsellor.  In fact how I’m dreaming this is I become the Carrie Bradshaw of the therapy world.  But, in real life I’m unremarkably dressed and I have an unremarkable social life and in fact I’m a bit of a home bird.  I like to cook and eat, visit the local pub, read (actual, physical books and magazines as well as the offerings from social media), Films, TV and radio, walk my dog, and most of all, I’m a people watcher, and a listener.

I love nothing more than walking past people who are deep in conversation and overhearing just a snippet.  A recent snippet was

“a slice of fresh pineapple however,…”

What?  Were they talking Caribbean cooking, hangover cures, the secret to instant weight loss? Or were they onto me and feeding my curiosity?  We’ll never know, and that’s actually what I love the most, I can make up endless stories for myself from their words.  Their story becomes part of mine.

People are so diverse, fascinating, inventive and creative and I hope I never stop being captivated by that

2 thoughts on “Hello, this is me

  • Great to see your blog up and running Angela, like the Carrie Bradshaw angel. You’ll have to have some posh pj’s and slippers if you’re blogging in your comfies. Your website looks great, good luck. Dawn Xx

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