Talking Does Help
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What's Counselling?

On the face of it, there’s little more to counselling than talking and being listened to. But in counselling you are really listened to. Counsellors are trained to help you explore your thinking and your feelings. Often these can be thoughts and feelings that you’ve never actually put into words before, and that can be liberating!

People of all ages and from all backgrounds turn to counselling for all kinds of reasons.  Sometimes they don’t have a single, identifiable reason, things just don’t feel right. Others may be experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, anger issues, indecision, low self-esteem, lack of confidence. Issues like these are common and can often be linked to traumatic experiences like bereavement, ill-health, abuse, separation, divorce, life changes such as leaving home for the first time, leaving care, relocation, retirement, redundancy… and you may not have made the connection.

Whatever is troubling you, Talking Does Help.

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